Our Work

Welcome to our official web space. Studio NOVO DESIGN® is building the strategy on diversity of designed products from many market fields and high quality of its processing. This gallery brings you nearer to our daily work which we have done since 2010. Production - Prototypes - Case Studies.

We can join your ambitions and our passion. Let's make the products better for prosperous future. Together beyond.

About Us

Our design studio represents the portfolio of authorial projects. Studio was founded in 2010 as a product design development agency. We form a creative team which is specialized in transport design, industrial design, product design and visual design. We became a partner of Impact Hub in the city of Zlin - Czech Republic to supply design and engineering services. We can prosper in our business thanks to closer cooperation with the partners from many industry spheres. The mission is to offer professional services in complex design methodology. We look for optimal solutions which will connect technical and aesthetical forms of designed products. We are able to judge your requirements and prepare a precise offer of the project according to our service portfolio. So far, we have worked for more than 100 companies / brands in Europe predominantly. We are looking forward to a successful partnership with you as well.

  • Design

    We are aimed at product & industrial design development generally.

    / Transportation / Aviation / Marine / Heavy machinery / Sports equipment / Security / Electronics / Medical devices / Packaging / Lighting / Household appliances / Measurement devices / Tools / Interior furniture / Public space / Industrial equipment and machines / etc.

  • Engineering

    We provide the elementary service in technical development.

    / CAD concept and production construction development / Class-A NURBS surface modelling / Technical drawings / Rapid prototyping / 3D scanning - ATOS Triple Scan / 3D print ABS - FORTUS 900 MC and SLS technology / Reverse engineering / Generative design / Production consulting support / CAD analyses / CFD basic simulation / etc.

  • Visual

    We produce high quality presentation of new conceps and final products.

    / Realistic image rendering / PS post production / Vector Graphics / Bitmap Graphics / Animation / Photography / Corpotare identity / Video / Visual art / Print / etc.

Good design = Good product

It is based on complex methodology. Our work is to find the best solution for your needs and to respect all important aspects of development process at the same time.

References & Clients

Thank You. We appreciate the trust which you gave us. You decided to work with us together to produce better products and build a prosperous future. This mutual desire of being creative, innovative and progressive brings new impressive things. We would like to thank all clients and partners we have the opportunity to work for. We are looking forward to a successful partnership with all new coming clients and suppliers.

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Awards & Honours


Some of NOVO DESIGN® projects which had been successfully created in cooperation with our clients were awarded via most prestigious international design organisations. Expert juries mainly from Europe, USA and Asia have made awards in the competitions for outstanding design achievements which set new standards in the relevant product categories. The awards and honours for high design quality, expressing innovation in form and function in an exemplary manner. It is always our pleasure being able to bring extra benefits into the product portfolio and business of our clients.

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